Sunday, 20 November 2016

Many of doesn't know the correct answer for this question. Have you ever thought about this question and tried to find the answer. Most of us answers no for this question also. This question arises mostly when we are getting bored in our life. When we are not able to go behind our passions. Some of us may oppose my point of view and say that they know the answer for this question.

In this case I will take myself as an example. The answers might be
1. My identity
2. My way of living
3. My position at where I work etc.......

First if we take the first answer, “Identity” is nothing but my name or how the people call me. Is that the real answer. I would say no. Because even if someone is not knowing your name you still exist. You can still survive without that name. So this can't be right the answer.

Second is my way of living. Way of living doesn't mean you. Even if you live as a pauper or as a rich still you are alive. Mostly determines the way of living. So money is an external factor which cannot determine who you are.
So second one is also a wrong answer.

Third one speaks about the position where you work. Position or cadre at some work is just a certain period period of time where you will be given different responsibilities. This time period may vary according to the position you are. But the responsibilities can be taken by some other person too. The position really doesn't needs only you to do that work. It just needs a well qualified person to do that work. So third one is surely pushed out of the list.

Okay you would be wondering what kind of answer I will be giving. The answer is really the way you think, the way you react, the way you express yourselves. These are the things which can only be done by you. In other things the activities or the work can be done by others. But how you think or react purely depends on you. So try to understand how you think and react and understand yourselves first. Try not to assume yourselves as some kind of person and don't get attached to some works or way of living which might not suit you. Try spending time in identifying and analysing yourselves. If you find at least some portion of the answer too you can change accordingly and make your life and others too better. So keep on turning the pages inside yourselves. Get the answer and you can get the world too. Keep on going......